Thursday, January 26, 2006

V for Vendetta in IMAX

Yahoo has posted a press release announcing thst V for Vendetta will be released in IMAX the same day as it is released in traditional theaters

V for Vendetta Premieres in London March 8

According to the City of Westminster website, London will host the premiere of V for Vendetta on March 8th, that's a week and a half prior to the current American release date. The venue is to be determined.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

UK mag spotlight Portman and Vendetta

You know, it's nice when a popular starlet is the lead in a movie based off a comic that you love, because that means there'll be just that much more publicity for the movie. (That the comic itself gets footnoted is par for the course, but I digress.)

Point being: Natalie Portman gets the cover of the latest issue of Total Film Magazine. Interestingly, Total Film's website shows this cover of their Feb '06 issue while shows this cover, which appears as just a small part of the one from Total Film's site.

Either way, also posts a few pictures from the photoshoot, as well as some hi-res pics of Natalie on the set with director James McTeigue. You can view those pics here.

criticism against Vendetta

From a recent entry on

The online magazine Cinematical recently posted an article titled V for Vendetta: Will its politics hurt its box office? - Cinematical. It's not much of an article, it basically name checks negative reviews of the film from Liberatas, the self billed "forum for conservative thought on film."

The Liberatas blog has two posts on the movie, here and here

I haven't read the full reviews myself, so I can't comment on what's posted on Liberatas. Now, I doubt there's a fan of the comic/movie that hasn't realized there's going to be some strong negative criticism of the movie; whether this is an aberration on a preview of things to come remains to be seen. In the meantime, feel free to throw in your two cents about the reviews on this blog--I'll probably do the same once I've read the full reviews--but I will ask that you please keep your comments constructive and don't resort to name-calling or insults just for the sake of name-calling and insults. Thanks.

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