Tuesday, March 28, 2006

V for Vendetta: Second Week Summary

Box Office Mojo reports that V for Vendetta fell 52% this past weekend for a second-week gross of $12.3 million. This puts Vendetta's total box office gross at $46.2 million in 10 days. According to the web site, the movie's drop is on par with other second-week performances of movies based on comicbooks that opened in the spring (ie: Sin City and Hellboy.)

The picture is less rosy in foreign markets. According to The Mojo:

V for Vendetta scored $5.3 million over the weekend from poor holds and small openings. Scandinavia has been the only bright spot in an otherwise bleak foreign campaign. The politically-charged thriller opened in first place in Norway and Finland, grossing $232,000 from 30 prints and $127,000 from 25 prints, respectively. Among holdovers, Sweden was the only nation to fall less than 40 percent--V eased 6 percent there for a $616,000 total. Other tallies include the U.K.'s $4.2 million, South Korea's $2.4 million and Germany's $1.9 million.

The movie's current worldwide total has now recouped production costs, although it is not known how much Warner Brothers spent in advertising. But from what Mojo reports, it's safe to say that final theater grosses plus DVD sales will keep the movie's bottom line in the black, if not necessarily blockbuster status.

Interestingly, compared to the other movies based of Alan Moore's work, the movie has domestically out-grossed From Hell ($31.6 million) but, despite much better reviews, looks to gross less than the universally panned League of Extraordinary Gentlemen ($66.4 million--although, to be fair, the movie did have a summer release).

Just to add to the foreign markets bit. The movie release in some South American countries is still to come. Here in Brazil it will be out next Friday, April 7.
I'm sure it will be a hit in here. It has been heavily advertised as 'the new movie from the producers of The Matrix', which is not really fair but works well as a teaser anyway. Fans of the comic have been particularly receptive about the film due to the good reviews worldwide. In short, I believe the movie will start well and fare even better once word of mouth spreads around, assuming it is as good as most reviews pointed out.
Yay, go Finland! :D
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