Saturday, March 18, 2006

V for Very Chatty

This one's a few days old and you may ahve already seen it but Moviefonehas a 10 minute clip of Natalie Portman and Hugo Weaving interviewing each other.

They move away from the movie fairly quickly, but it's fun to see Weaving and Portman play off each other, and once the prepared questions end the two ask eacother questions I haven't seen asked often elsewhere.

yea i know what u mean
in the beggining of the movie when V and evey start speaking i could barely keep up with what V was saying
In a recent post, I link to a really good NPR article w/'s awesome.

--RC of
This is by far the best action and love story I have ever seen. "V", has a taste of Zorro, James Bond and all the other super heros all wrapped up in one package. Im a 53 yr old movie buff. I know what Im talking about! Im against Terrorist but in this Hitler type government in the film you will root for "V" and you will also feel his pain from inside the mask.

Everytime I look at Hugo, I can't help remembering "Priscila, The Queen of the Desert".

However, this time the beard caught me off guard.

i really love dis movie. it has a love, revenge and hatred in dis story. i like these types of movie. dis is da best movie ive ever seen in a long time! hugo and natalie has done a great job! i hope there will be more films like dis in future!
if anyone could help me please im trying to figure out what V says when he introduces him self he says this long paragraph of almost all v words i want to try to figurs out what it is. so if anyone knows you can e-mail me at thank you
I have a question for those V fans out there.... is there a cameo of a rather famous face....? Look at the bearded man in the bar when everyone stops to watch V on tV.... I think it may be an actor who hasa penchant for quirkiness.... please post who you think it is....
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