Welcome to my V for Vendetta Shrine.

On the surface, V for Vendetta is a dystopian novel, a blend of 1984 and Batman: a fascist government, Norsefire, has taken over Britain after the fallout of a third world war and a mysterious cloaked figure, known only as V, is single handedly taking them on.

But the story is not really about V. He is such a larger than life figure, it can be argued that he is not a character at all. In truth, it is about the people whose lives V enters. It is about what happens when the ideals V represents are given a chance to grow. It is about freedom, and identity, and the responsibilities that go along with it.

This website has come a long way since its modest beginning in 1997. In revamping material several years old, I have expanded and updated every piece of information and added several new sections. It is my hope that, whether you are a longtime fan of V for Vendetta or discovering the comic for the first time, this site will only enhance your understanding and enjoyment of the story.

It has been a labor of love for a story that has literally changed and saved my life. With that in mind, this site is dedicated with respect and gratitude to Alan Moore and David Lloyd.


Please note: I realize many of you may have found this site looking for information on the upcoming feature film. Though I hope you'll taske some time to view everything my site has to offer, you can click here for the latest information about the upcoming V for Vendetta movie.

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