In The Shrine's first incarnation, the Timeline was a simple text page that listed the events in Vendetta according to the dates given in the comic. Though I liked the idea of presenting a summary of the comic on this site, I wanted something a bit more striking than a page that was little more than an outline.

To that end, I have created the following visual timeline. Not only does it still list the events of Vendetta in chronological order, but by incorporating David Lloyd's art, my timeline now presents the highlights of the story's plot and art.

Mind you, the result is a timeline some 21,494 pixels wide and nearly 2 megabytes in size. For those without a high-speed connection, please be patient while it loads. Also note that this timeline reveals nearly every plot-twist of Vendetta so on the odd chance you are viewing this site without having read the story, you may want to think twice before looking at it.

Beyond that, simply click on the minature timeline below to view the timeline.