Though this site emphasizes the literal narrative of Vendetta, and on Alan Moore himself, it would be criminal to overlook the importance of David Lloyd.

I hope that this section can be a reminder to everyone of David Lloyd's invaluable contribution to the story. His distinct visual style immediately set the story apart from the quasi-cartoonish artwork found in most American comics during the 80's. By Moore's own admission, it was Lloyd who was given the opportunity to do his own strip, and his idea to ask Moore to write it. It was Lloyd himself who first suggested portraying V as a post-modern Guy Fawkes, who set down ideas of layout and visual execution, using a visual style very different from his work up until that time.

With this in mind, I present to you the covers to the DC Comics run of V for Vendetta Lloyd's covers were taken from the trade paperback so you can see the artwork unobstructed by trade dress. Also included are a collage from the final issue of the DC run, a sketch by Lloyd found in the trade paperback, and the front and back cover of the current trade paperback printing. (For completeness' sake, I have also included the photographs used for the back cover of the DC Comics run, taken by Mitch Jenkins.)

And don't forget to check out David Llyod's own webpage, L for Lloyd for more news and information about him.