Welcome to the Analysis section of the V for Vendetta Shrine.

Because comicbooks are scoffed at by most literary critics, there is an unfortunate dearth of critical and analytical study on comicbooks. This section attempts to rectify that mistake, at least where V for Vendetta is concerned.

In revamping this site, I have revised my original two essays, "Who is V?" and "V Versus Rorschach", polishing them up to reflect my present-day thoughts. If you enjoyed the original version of these essays, I hope you check out their updated versions. I have also included writings by other people who were kind enough to share with me their own their own thoughts and interpretations of the novel. Lastly, there is a section that lists other websites that discuss the novel.

One caveat before you proceed: there are comments made during my discussions with Mark Tuethardt and David Herlle that may sit uncomfortably in light of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. In fairness to Mark and David, I have not altered my comments; I present to you our opinions, exactly as they were written at the time, warts and all. However, I have written a new essay, "V and Terrorism" where I present my current thoughts on the subject of terrorism and V's use of it.

As always, anyone who wishes to submit their own analysis of V for Vendetta for this site is welcome to do so. I can be contacted at vendetta@shadowgalaxy.net.