As you may or may not have known, after spending several years in Development Hell, and a four month delay in releasing the film, V for Vendetta has finally arrived in theaters!

With the movie now released, I'll be revising this section shortly, removing outdated material and streaminling the mass of information I've collected since the movie's release. For the latest information regarding the movie, please click here to visit my V for Vendetta Movie Blog.,

To give you a brief synopsis of the movie's production history: V for Vendetta had been optioned for quite some time, although for years it looked like it would never get made. In early 2001 I received an e-mail from none other than Dez Skinn, informing me that he, Alan Moore, and David Lloyd had received a royalty check and that the option for the story was still available. This seemed to support the news that that the movie was to be written and produced by the Wachowski brothers, who made the critical art-house fav, The Matrix. But nothing has happened until late 2004 when the production was officially announced.

Though the movie is now here and the script having leaked to various sites, I would still like to offer, not one, but two scripts for a motion picture adaptation of the comic. Besides the original 1990's draft the Wachoski's wrote in those pre-Matrix days, in 2001 I received word of another script for a V for Vendetta movie, this one written by Hilary Henkin. This script deviates significantly from the novel, unlike the Wachowski script, which borrows heavily from the comic.

Click the links below to learn more about these scripts, and for the latest movie news. If anyone has any more information regarding the film adaptation of the story, you can contact me at (And a special thank you Tom Turner and Andrew Hoss for being the first to make me aware of this news and giving me the initial press releases on the movie, back in '04.

(This section last updated: 03/18/2006)