Tuesday, May 31, 2005

picture of Natalie Portman sans hair

You may have already seen this one; I found out about it via The Velvet Forum back on May 10 but just never got around to posting it.

As far as I know, this is the first public photo of Natalie Portman with her head shaved. It appeared in Time or People or Newsweek; I have to verify that.

The picture comes courtesy of the extremely comprehensive Natalieportman.com, who posted the full source information about the image. Alas, as of this post, their news archives only go to April and their Recent News only goes to May 19, so the information is temporarily unavailable from the site.

All the same, I shamelessly stole the graphic and you can view it here. My thanks to Natalieportman.com for the image and if anyone has the proper link to their site, please let me know.

Ain't it Cool News reviews the Vendetta Script

To quote the article's title: It ain't pretty.

This Ain't it cool review of the V for Vendetta script reveals several spoilers regarding the movie.

I'm not a regular reader of Ain't it Cool so I don't know how accurate their reports like this tend to be (I'm guessing they are, otherwise the site would hardly be as popular as it is), in which case we can all say goodbye to V's-MacBeth-quoting-introduction, as the Wachowski Brothers appear (according to this article) to have opted for a different approach.

Several more details about the movie are revealed; read at your own risk.

Lying in the Gutters: Alan Moore/V for Vendetta article

Comicbook fandom's well known muck-raker, Rich Johnston has written Lying in the Gutters for several years. Changing the columns tone to more straight-forward investigative journalism, his lastest column focuses on Alan Moore's thoughts regarding the V for Vendetta movie as well as his upcoming plans and his always tempestuous relationship with DC Comics, who own the copyright to the comicbook version of Vendetta.

Needless to say, Moore isn't very happy with the movie. He's also less than enthused about Joel Silver announcing, during the inital March 7 press conference, that the movie had Moore's blessing and approval when it did not. The original transcript to the press conference showed Silver's comments, but those remarks have subsequently been removed. I have the audio file of the conference but have yet to check if Silver's comments are found there, of it it was edited by the time I downloaded it. (If anyone has further confirmation of this little bit of editing, please let me know.)

Monday, May 16, 2005

The movie's website is back online

The movie's website is back online, having been breifly offline following the announcement of Purefoy's departure.

The site has been redesigned, will surreal floating Guy Fawkes Masks all in a row and stretching back to infinity. Clicking on the masks breings up six different types of information. In true maddening style, the links on each mask change at random.

Interestingly, though the website now touts Weaving as the titular character, you can still read the original news conference that included Purefoy.

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