Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Lying in the Gutters: Alan Moore/V for Vendetta article

Comicbook fandom's well known muck-raker, Rich Johnston has written Lying in the Gutters for several years. Changing the columns tone to more straight-forward investigative journalism, his lastest column focuses on Alan Moore's thoughts regarding the V for Vendetta movie as well as his upcoming plans and his always tempestuous relationship with DC Comics, who own the copyright to the comicbook version of Vendetta.

Needless to say, Moore isn't very happy with the movie. He's also less than enthused about Joel Silver announcing, during the inital March 7 press conference, that the movie had Moore's blessing and approval when it did not. The original transcript to the press conference showed Silver's comments, but those remarks have subsequently been removed. I have the audio file of the conference but have yet to check if Silver's comments are found there, of it it was edited by the time I downloaded it. (If anyone has further confirmation of this little bit of editing, please let me know.)

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