Saturday, March 18, 2006

MtV for Vendetta

Here's something I haven't seen mentioned elsewhere: has a fairly comprehensive article on the movie. There's also an interview with Alan Moore, which, like the NY Times piece, seems to prove that while Alan may have taken his name off the movie, he's more than comfortable to take advantage of it to drum up some publicity for himself. However, he does say something interesting:

If you give me a typewriter and I'm having a good day, I can write a scene that will astonish its readers. That will perhaps make them laugh, perhaps make them cry - that will have some emotional clout to it. It doesn't cost much to do that. But if you said, "Astonish the audience," and you gave me a quarter of a million - well, my auntie could astonish an audience if she got that much money! Real art and the things that actually change our culture tend to happen on the margins. They don't happen in the middle of a big marquee.

On top of the Moore interview, there's a fairly comprehensive synopsis on Moore's work and Hollywood's interest in it

I know MTV has been airing a Vendetta-related special. Not sure about air times, but you can watch most of it--provided your browser has the Flash 8 plug-in and you can get the damn thing to work--over at MTV's Overdrive section. Just click on the "movies" link and you'll see the videos.


"Because the more money and technology that is available to [create] a work, the less imagination there will be in it."

Moore wrote some of the best and most innovative comics of all time - and as someone said over BBC, if he had made regular novels he'd be widely considered the best writer of our times. There's no denying that.
But quotes as this one above remember me how he can be a stupid old hippie when he wants to :D

Note that he's basically applying to technology as a whole the same kind of bias and pre-judgement others make over comics as print media.
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