Saturday, March 18, 2006

V for Vendetta Movie Site Updates

As you might already know, the movie website has exploded with content: interviews, pictures, VR set previews, and a host of behind-the-scenes information. I could spend half the day going through it all--and you bet I will--but here's what you should view in a nuthsell:

Sarah Horton, Art Director, discussing the Shadow Gallery and various other sets she worked on.

Sebastian Krawinkel, Art Director, discussing Larkhill and various other sets he worked on.

Henning Brehm, Graphic Designer, discussing the many graphics he designed for the Norsefire party, Valerie's shrine, the TV station, and the rest.

José Granell, Model Unit Supervisor, discussing blowing up Big Ben, Parliament, The Old Bailey, among other large UK buildings.

Nigel Stone, Model Unit Director of Photography, discussing what it takes to film miniatures, the challenges working with extremely fast frame rates, and, of course, blowing things up.

Nigel Trevessey, Model Shop Supervisor, discussing his hand in creating the models of Big Ben, Parliament, The Old Bailey, and then, as you might have guessed, blowing them up.

Chad Stahelski, Supervising Stunt Coordinator.

David Leitch, V Stunt Double/Assistant Stunt Coordinator, discussing doubling V, fight choreography, and how knives differ from guns.

Dan Glass, Visual Effects Supervisor, discussing Larkhill, blowing up the old Bailey and Parliament, among other key visual effects in the film. Click here.

Matt Johnson, VFX Supervision (Cinesite), discussing Victoria Station, multiple V's, and VFX day to day at a post house.

Thrain Shadbolt, VFX Supervision (Cinesite, 3D Department), discussing the digital creation of capes, knives, and thousands of V's.

Mark Bakowski, Sequence Supervisor (Cinesite 2D Department), discussing Victoria Station, the trails of a spinning knife, and the many grades of chocolatey blood.

Muriel Gerard, VFX Coordinator (Germany), discussing Victoria Station, working with Dan Glass, and the day to day behind coordinating VFX on a vast production.

David Appleby, Stills Photographer, discussing the lighting challenges of of photographing V, getting to know the mask, and working with the many actors in the film.

Barbara Berkery, Dialect Coach, discussing accents, language, and the various tricks to master the sound of them all.

Jean Bourne, Script Supervisor, discussing exactly what a Script Supervisor does, the need for vigilance in dealing with continuity, and how it was working with Director James McTeigue.

VR tours of:

  • The Shadow Gallery
  • Victoria Station
  • Creedy's home
  • The Children of St. Mary's Virus Memorial

Oh, just go to the damn website and check it all out for yourself.

OMG so much stuff!!! I don't know how I'm going to ever be able to look at it all! But I just looked through the shadow gallery - his art...ridiculous!! I'd die for some of that...I'm going to go through it later and figure out all of the works of art.
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