Friday, March 17, 2006

Welcome, Everybody

So, I decided to sneak a peek at my server logs whilst on my lunch hour.

Heh. Who knews my counter could go that high. I always wondered what would happen if my favorite comic got made into a high-publicity mainstream movie. Now I know.

Hi peoples. My home internet has been restored so check back by Sunday for more goodies and tidbits. And feel free to drop me a line at I've been getting more and more e-mails from people who like the movie but never read the comic. Keep it coming!

Oh, and, if you did like the movie: read the source material!

And here in Brazil... Only on april...
I need to e-mail you sometime..
Thinking aloud =)

Your site is great - I hope people are reading what you have.

I just wanted to say that I did like the movie but thanks to you, before I saw it I read Vendetta.

What did you think of what they changed about the movie?
I read the source material (got two different editions of the complete book) and loved the movie, they are both great works of art!
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