Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The movie, the comic, the novel, the play, the puppet show

I'm geting a lot of questions from people regarding how they can get their hands on the comic--and plenty of confusion over what exactly is available.

As a primer to anyone who has seen the movie and wants to know the history of the comic, I refer you first to my V for Vendetta in Print page. This should give you a pretty decent amount of info on the history of the comic and why some people refer to different versions. but to summarize, V was printed in three formats:

1) Warrior Magazine. A comicbook anthology, Warrior was the initial home of the comic. V for Vendetta was serialized in this magazine in five - six page installments, throughout the magazine's 26 issue run. The pages were black and white, and the magazine is roughly the size of Rolling Stone magazine. Warrior ceased publication after issue 26, leaving Vendetta incomplete; the last issue ended with Evey discovering the truth about her inprisonment. If anybody ever says or offers you the entire story of V for Vendetta in black-and-white, they are either misionformed or outright lying.

Finding this issues is tricky--they were pretty rare collectibles even before the movie. You can probably find some or all of them on eBay but be prepared to pay for it.

2) The DC Comics run. This was a ten-issue limited series. The story was printed in color, and each issue was roughly 32 pages in length. Monthly comicbooks are roughly 8.5" by 11", so the story is printed in a slightly smaller format than Warrior The first seven issues reprinted the material that had appeared in Warrior, with new material as of issue 8. (Or maybe half-way through issue 7; my memory's hazy and I'm too lazy to dig out the comics to look.) This marks the first time the story was printed completely.

3) The Trade Paperback Edition. About a year after the tenth issue appeared, DC re-printed the entire story in one volume. It is this version that is the easiest to find, and is available in book stores and online retailers like there is a hard and soft-cover version; the hard-cover version, recently released to tie-in with the movie, offers about two or three pages of additional sketches by David Lloyd. Otherwise, the editions are exactly the same.

NOTE: I have seen Amazon offer the individual issues as well as the collected edition, so pay attention to the solicitations before buying, in case you accidentally selectthe wrong thing. Also, you can find the individual issues (and the trade paperback) on eBay. They were going pretty cheap last I checked but the release of the movie may have inflated prices.

IN ADDITION TO the comics, there are other versions of the story, aside from the movie, that exist:

A) The novel. This is a prose novel, adapted from the Wachowski's screenplay, written by Steve Moore (no relation to Alan). This is not the original story, so if you buy it, remember you're buying an adaptation of the movie, not the source material.

B) The Play. About five or six years ago, there was a stage production of V for Vendetta in Stockholm, Sweden. You can read all the information I have on this on my website, over here. That page includes all the information I have on it, so please don't ask me for additional info, or any recordings of it because, sadly, I don't have it.

C) The Puppet Show. I was just kidding about the puppet show. Really. But if you feel like putting one together yourself, you know how to contact me about it.

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