V for Vendetta is a comicbook.

In creating this site, I attempted to elevate its status by referring to the story as a novel, but that does a disservice to the story. Only in comicbooks do you find a story that incorporates both the words and visuals to create a cohesive narrative unlike any other form of storytelling. I tend to emphasize Alan Moore's hand in the story because my own person preference has always been towards prose than artwork, but without David Lloyd, this story would not be what it is; it may not even have existed at all.

I don't mean to launch into a diatribe about the validity of comics as an art form (others far more eloquent than I have already done this anyway) but I think it's important to recognize that V for Vendetta is a comic. It's a shining example of a comicbook that makes the most of that medium's characteristics while becoming something much more than the sum of its parts. For those of you who have come to this site that have never been a regular comicbook reader, V for Vendetta is well worth reading in its original form.

This section describes the various publishing incarnations of V for Vendetta and explains how to find yourself a copy of the story. If you've never read Vendetta before, and even if you have, I hope you find this section informative.

To make life simple, I've divided this information into four parts. Click the links below to read them all or the specific section of interest.