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criticism against Vendetta

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The online magazine Cinematical recently posted an article titled V for Vendetta: Will its politics hurt its box office? - Cinematical. It's not much of an article, it basically name checks negative reviews of the film from Liberatas, the self billed "forum for conservative thought on film."

The Liberatas blog has two posts on the movie, here and here

I haven't read the full reviews myself, so I can't comment on what's posted on Liberatas. Now, I doubt there's a fan of the comic/movie that hasn't realized there's going to be some strong negative criticism of the movie; whether this is an aberration on a preview of things to come remains to be seen. In the meantime, feel free to throw in your two cents about the reviews on this blog--I'll probably do the same once I've read the full reviews--but I will ask that you please keep your comments constructive and don't resort to name-calling or insults just for the sake of name-calling and insults. Thanks.

if I want an anarchic film that entertains and makes me think, I’ll take “FIGHT CLUB” any day.

Did he REALLY said that?
Well there is one good thing to be said about all the early reviews...both the good and the bad.

If they are showing the movie to critics this early then it most likely means the studio feels that the film is strong. That and they want to generate "buzz" about it.

If it truly sucked though we'd have heard nothing about it except a massive MTV style AD campaign so they could hope for a big showing opening weekend before the critics could get a chance to pan it.

I'm thinking this is a good sign.

*crosses fingers*
IF it truly sucked, how they can save it even with MTV? It´s been said that there are only 2 action scenes. And very fast...
And how many 'action' scenes were in the book?
I've never takeb heed of a critics opinion of a film I did (or in fact didn't ) want to see thus far in my 38 years, so I'm not going to start now.
And how many 'action' scenes were in the book?
I've never taken heed of a critics opinion of a film I did (or in fact didn't ) want to see thus far in my 38 years, so I'm not going to start now.
I dunno Anonymous, I'd say there is quite a bit of 'action' in the book.

Blowing up government buildings, rescuing and or attacking various people, train attacks, escaping from camp, bringing a bomb into a TV studio, MORE explosions....

I hear what you are saying about not heeding critics but not everyone is as brave or willing to risk their money like you are.

I for one was not willing to see Aeon Flux before I'd heard from someone else who'd seen it first. Mainly for the reasons I'd stated before. If I don't hear ANYTHING about a movie before it comes out, chances are it's because they are hiding something bad.

And when I can't sucker a friend to watch a potentially bad movie for me I go with the few critics who's opinion I usually agree with.

To each his/her own.
By my count there are 11 action sequences in the comic:

V attacks fingermen, blows up Big Ben
V raids Prothero’s train
V confronts Derek Almond
V breaks out of Larkhill
V raids NTV studios
V blows up the Ear, Eye, and Mouth
miscellaneous street riots
Rose assassinates Susan
Harper and friends kill Creedy
Conrad attacks Harper
the masses riot at Parliament

This is not including V confronting Finch, V's assault on Lilliamn's men, nor the bar fight in the Kit Kat Keller. Your mileage may vary on whether you would or wouldn't consider any of these scenes true action sequences, but the book has, at the very least, it's fair share of violence.

And Felipe--I could see where "Fight Club' wouldn't really be anarchic, but that's one damn fine movie, regardless, would you think?
Yes Craig. A very good movie!!! But NEVER anarchic.
Scenes of violence are a plenty, yes, I'd just never looked upon these as 'action' scenes before. Maybe because that word within the context of film making, always reminds me of Stallone, Arnie, Willis et al - something I'm sure we all hope V bears no resemblance to at all.
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