Thursday, December 15, 2005

Second V for Vendetta is online

View the new V for Vendetta Trailer.

initial thoughts:

They got rid of the cheesy "Vendetta" logo graphics for something much nicer.

More shots of V this time. And he looks pretty believeable.

Natalie Portman's accent . . . not so much.

Bullet-time knives are still ridiculous.

Love the dominos.


The movie site implies they'll have the trailer available soon, and also promising " VR tour of the sets."

And was anyone else having trouble viewing the "large" version of the trailer?

I really like the new trailer, although they really seem to be making it to 'actiony' which I think is a bit misleading if they've stuck relatively closely to the comic.

Loved the dominos and the new title graphics. Liked Natalie's accent very much-I'm English and it's nice to see a 'normal' accent rather than either uber-posh or Eastenders'cockney common which seems to be the only accents we English are portrayed with in movies. Hugo looks like he's going to do a spot on job as V-although I did think the reading of a couple of lines seemed a bit too portentous. Is it just me or does "the people/governments" line sound different to the first trailer? Not too sure about some of the one liners from V though and the music didn't have as much of an impact as in the previous trailer. Am devastated to see what looks like our national treasure, the glorious Stephen Fry being beaten-that's very upsetting :P Oooh and the fireworks are so pretty. This trailer seemed more expensive, somehow, I think. Think I saw the Viking scene at the end too...All in all, I'm rather excited! Sorry this so long.

P.S. Thank for the blog and I find your site fascinating.
I wasn't crazy about the trailer. As others have said, it seems heavy on the exploding bits. The good news is that I THINK the first bit to explode is Lady Justice, which implies that that wonderful dialogue between V and LJ is in the movie as well. But I'm VERY worried about that "Kill him" budda-budda-budda "My turn" scene which was a little too superman-ish. We'll see...
Glad to see they have included the Old Bailey scene (that was definitely what blew up in the trailer).

On the large trailer, I had to reinstall Quicktime from the Apple site before it would let me see it, though I still just get an error message when I try to get at the High Res versions.
Does anyone know the quote V says towards the's something about without dancing and not having a rebellion or revolution? email
haha - I loved the dominos too!
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