Thursday, August 18, 2005

Movie pushed back to March, 2006

According to the Sci-Fi Wire:

In a statement, Warner said: "We have moved the release date of V For Vendetta to March 17, 2006, to accommodate the movie's post-production schedule."

The article continues to say that the spokesperson for the movie says the move has nothing to do with the recent London bombings.

Thanks to Trish for alerting me to this article. Right now Ain't-It-Cool News has posted the story, but it only parrots what was posted at The Sci-Fi Wire; likewise SuperHeryo Hype, but they do post a link to Box Office Mojo as confirmation of the change.

If more information surfaces, I'll be sure to post it.

It's sad that the official website still hasn't been updated to show this new information.

Somehow "Remember remember the 17th of March" just doesn't have the same resonance. But I'm all for delaying it if it means for a better picture. *crosses fingers*
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Well, I'm sorry to have missed the fight that happened. I am probably just pointing out the blatantly obvious here, but do you think the delay had anything to do with the release of the new Zorro movie being released 6 or so days before? It seems whenever I would show someone the trailer for V, they would say "oh, is that the new Zorro movie?" NO!
I'll just echo what Barbana has said - it's a shame they missed the Nov 5th release date. And the official site not having been updated for months - a worrying sign.
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