Saturday, July 23, 2005

screenshots from the trailer

Ignoring the degree of obsession it takes for someone to go through a trailer frame-by-frame to grab screenshots, I'm happy to present some choice shots from the movie trailer.

I know some of you have been asking for my opinion of it, and if you're that interested in my opinion, you can read my review of the V for Vendetta trailer here. It's a combination of my inital thoughts and later reactions. But if you're rightfully more interested in the pretty pictures, just scroll down:

I was wondering...could the yellow banner scene be the movie version of Evey short relationship with they guy who later is killed?Or it could be some kind of vision suggested by Valerie letter (the colors..). Also the person Evey kisses seems female to me, by judging from its neck/chest..o_o
And i think that probably the woman on the couch is Evey's mother, who in some fast sequences we see falling(dead?) to the floor by under the bed/couch perspective..
invictus: wow, i hadnt noticed that the person in the hat looked like a girl. I guess it is always a possibility that could be valerie...

And very nice work on the screen caps craig, although I think you missed one very important one:

All in all I think it looks really well done, but it worried me that the scene where the guy is talking over the big screen just looked a little too fake or over the top. Either way it definately reminded me of the 1984 movie from a few years back:
Hey Nordbak,

No, I purposely left that shot out. As I mentioned in my "review", I didn't like that shot; it strikes me as very super-heroy and melodramatic. Lloyd's artwork shows a very subdued and casual V walking through the chaas as if oblivious to it all. It's very striking speaks volumes about V's character and his midnset. This shot in the trailer makes him look like the Human Torch shouting "Flame On!"

Crap, I totally missed that that ISN'T Portman in the "yellow banner" shot . . . now that I'm looking at it more closely, I think it's a shot from "The Salt Flats", which would make it Valerie and Ruth.

But I don't think that's Evey's mother sitting on the couch. In the ealier clip, Evey's mother is fully clothed and compeltely paniced; the woman on the couch is half naked and compeltely stoic. It still looks like two different characters to me.
sorry about that craig, should have read the review before posting ;)
Ahm did you guys noticed the masked person painting V ymbol with red spray paint seems to wear glasses?Also the childish clothes/hand proportion means that she's probably the glasses girl of the book...
I'd hazard a guess that the naked woman on the couch is Valerie.
I think IMDB need to revise their cast listing - it's way out!
I say way out - three mistakes so far:
Tim Pigott-Smith - Creedy, not Finch
John Hurt - Susan, not Bishop Lilliman
Stephen Rea - Finch, not Prothero.
i am so ready to see the trailer !!
Hey Bubbleman, thanks for the heads up about the cast-corrections; I thought the John Hurt credit was mixed up; glad to know I wasn't going insane.

Invictus: Yeah, I had to watch the trailer twice to realize it definitely wasn't V making the symbol. I had thought the V-wannabe's only showed up in the movie's finale, but it looks like they'll be people imitating V's look even bfore that.

Gina: so did you watch the trailer yet?
Gah. Mmf. So many differences from the book... -curls up-

But, hey, the trailer looked spiffy, you know. ^^ Maybe it'll turn out to be a great movie anyway. We'll just have to wait and see...
I think the part that captured the best the way V moves,fights, appears, and surprises other is the one where he rise up fro under something. The closed cloak movement is wonderful portrayed, recalling perfectly how V moves in unnatural way in it, almost gliding.
Definetely. ^^ Since the Wachowski brothers seem very apt at making the action as awesome as possible. -coughmatrixcough-

... Nn. ._. I don't think the whole bullet-time... or would it be knife-time...? Thing works, either.
cool shit. i totally dug this comic when it first came out and i was happy to discover a film was being made of it thanks to a link on Shack News. definetly gonna check this out when it hits the theaters. i just hope they don't screw it all up on the big screen...
Just a quick note to say 'thanks' for all the various information you've got up. A Slashdot discussion of the trailer led me to pick up the book, which I read (for the first time) yesterday. This morning, a Google search led me to your Shrine, and various clicks afterwards led me first to your regular blog, and then over to this one.

I've probably spent more time than I should have going through your sites this morning...quite a bit of neat stuff out there. Thanks much, from a new fan to a long-time fan. :)
about the novelization of the movie, is that gonna be a written work or is it gonna be like the comic book with graphics, im so confused, does anyone know,
hi, i'm Koeran, i saw this movie for twice. and i know that V is a man. even if he could be everyone.
but some freaky guys say, V was a Valeri's girlfriend(Named Ruth).
what do you think? that's why V got rose. but i believe also know that rose has lots of means. and the most meaning is Freedom, To get back what i lost.
Isn't it? i wanna know what you're thinking.
I think the person behind the mask, the person who was 'V' was Ruth, the lesbian girlfriend of Valerie. In the movie, when they were showing the love story between Valerie and Ruth, they showed Ruth and the Roses and how Ruth started using big complicated words, just like how V does throughout the whole movie. This explains why V (Ruth) had a shrine for Valerie. V (Ruth) fell in love with Evey. The big surprise, V was a woman not a man!
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