Friday, July 22, 2005

V for Vendetta Trailer

Good evening London. This is the Voice of Fate Voice of London broadcasting on Hyper Text Transfer Protocol. It is 6:00 and the buggers at the movie website have all the neat little graphics up but not the actual trailer

Still, it's a nice image:

This site should look pretty slick once it ramps up for the movie. Now if they'd only be on schedule....

I was thinking the same thing. Stuck around until 3:30 (pacific), and still no trailer. When did it actually come up?
Not sure when . .. by 11:00 EST it was up. I've watched it far to many times and I'll be posting screen grabs soon....
haha, same here. but, have you gone through it frame by frame? because I sure did
It actually came up at 6:45/6:50 EST...
Amazing, a little matrix style but they nailed it pretty well...
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