Monday, November 21, 2005

Vendetta posters available on movie website

Minor update on the movie website:

All the posters are now available at one URL:

(And these guys really need to force their famesets. Amateurs.)

Kinda strange; the page offers "web previews" and "Print version" of three of the four new posters, but there doesn't seem to be any difference in the images; both versions have the same physical size, file size and DPI. Also interesting that two of the images are presented in much msaller sizes than what was on IGN and UGO.

And now that initial buzz has died down, let me just officially point out that it's amusing to see the posters directly take an earlier publicity photo of Portman and incorporate it into the photo. Just in case you hadn't noticed it yourself.

Note that there is less "credit" text on the print versions of the posters. Other than that, they do look exactly the same. Great site, BTW. You might be interested in our newsfeeds page to help keep yourself up to date (90+ Flm Site Headlines in one place, updated hourly)...
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