Saturday, February 04, 2006

V to host Super Bowl Halftime show; promises LOTS of fireworks

Sorry for the late posting of this, I've been nursing a serious chest cold this past week....

Anyway, on the movie's website posted a not-so-subtle message hinting that a new trailer will debut during the Super Bowl. Which is tomorrow, February 5.

(Five. Heh.)

They also seem to indicate that the trailer will be available on the website for downloading shortly thereafter.

Not wishing to give the movie site more traffic than I already have (I used to be the #1 Google link, you know; not that I'm bitter or anything), here's the full text from their site:

So, you want a bit more Vendetta, do you? Fine. We can oblige. How about Sunday.

Here's the deal: we're releasing here at the site a few hundred new images in sequence with concurrent audio taken from the movie. For those with the resolution and fast enough computers, we'll be including a version in high definition. That's this Sunday. While likely just a coincidence, this Sunday also marks a fairly big annual event for commercials, which some say is really just breaks between a game of football. There are plenty of details of this for those who know where to look. For us, we'll stick with the commercials.

We said Sunday, right?

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