Wednesday, June 29, 2005

new teaser poster

The Vendetta movie website has updated. Gone are the "floating into infinity" Fawkes masks and now there's a more streamlined approach. More importantly is a new teaser poster that the site says will be displayed in movie theaters on July 4th.

One suggestion - provide a link on your blog for a newsfeed for those of us monitoring dozens of sites already - I don't want to miss your news! Thanks...
That's a good suggestion, Trish. Do you use Firefox? Their browser allows you to set up an RSS feed; so that's a quick fix.

I'll look into setting up a link for non-Firefox users, though.
I absolutely love this poster, and have already bought one of my own. I just hope the directors take cues from the first matrix, and not the last two.
I love the tag line...
Nowadays it seems like people are forgeting the tag line.Which is the tagline of democracy.
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