Saturday, June 11, 2005

First hand account of London-location shooting

I first learned about the Tralfalgar Square location shoot thanks to Eoin Jennings. Beyond just telling me about the filming, of which Eoin took part in as an extra, he also sent me some pictures he took during the filming as well as an insightful essay describing the experience.

As for the pictures (click to view full-size)....

That's Eoin in the top picture. The guard flanked by the Fawkes' is Andreas Speck, whom Eoin met during the shoot. I'd like to take this opportunity to again stress that I will gladly sell my first born child to anyone who can get me one of those Guy Fawkes masks.

Click here read Eoin's account of the Vendetta filming.

My my heartfelt thanks to Eoin for his generous permission to post both the pictures and his filming diary.

I want one to.. how many of those costumes do you think they made? I want ONE!!! The whole costume...
How many people do you think will dress up as him on halloween? I am!! :P
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