Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Score Magazine Article on the movie's soundtrack

It seems James Purefoy wasn't the only person who has left the movie production. Score Magazine
, a Spanish magazine about film soundtracks, has a small article regarding the composer(s) of V for Vendetta
The V for Vendetta movie soundtrack is currently being scored by Dario Marianelli. Marianelli has previously scored The Brothers Grimm and Pride and Prejudice.

However, Marianelli is actually the third composer for the movie, having replaced Craig Armstrong and Massive Attack.

My thanks to Pablo Nieto, who co-wrote the article, for making me aware of this.

Why does all this abandoment worry me. Or is it usual in Hollywood? *shrugs* I don't care, I'm just waiting for one of those masks to show up on EBay. *grin*
Me, too (Masks on EBay) - they are killer...
I'm thinking it's just the usual Hollywood shuffle, from the very little info I've been able to gleam about things.

I'm curious to see what kind of soundtrack the movie has, considering the music that was referenced in the comic.

Trish:I get first dibs on a Guy Fawkes mask, dammit; I've been looking for one since 1992!! :)
MUST HAVE A MASK. I'm assembling a V costume for whenever I go to conventions.

I hope they do "This Vicious Cabaret" and do it justice. That song is so great. I must hear it.

Craig: I agree about the music. It's a very important part of the novel and should be important in the movie as well, though getting copyrights and all that may be a little more difficult. Who knows?
I may be able to help on the mask front... I'm working on my V costume, and have a vacuum forming machine. I may be able to knock out something cheaper but from thicker plastic than the Comic-con ones. Email if interested. (Note, this is a work in progress.. it's not like I have these piled up and trying to unload them. It'll be a few weeks before anything is made.)
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