Music inspired by V for Vendetta

  • David J
    David Jay released his version of "This Vicious Cabaret", along with his other V-related music on a four-song EP entitled V for Vendetta. According to David Jay's official website, the track listing is as follows:
  • This Vicious Cabaret
    V's Theme
    V's Theme (outro)

    Only "This Vicious Cabaret" had lyrics; the rest were instrumentals. Curiously, the opening to "V's Theme" is exactly the same music to the opening of the Bauhaus song "Who Killed Mr. Moonlight?" This song appeared on Bauhaus' final album, Burning on the Inside, in 1983, a year before the V for Vendetta EP was released.

    David J's collaboration with Alan Moore did not end here. He would team with Moore for the pseudo-band The Sinister Ducks, and would team up with him for the various spoken-word piece's Moore performed in the mid and late 90's.

    As mentioned in my "From" section, J's Vendetta-related music can be found on the compilation David J: On Glass (the title refers to Glass Records, the label that released J's early post-Bauhaus material). Bauhaus' Burning on the Inside is likewise easy to find.

  • Pop Will Eat Itself

  • Formed in the UK during the '80's, PWEI achieved an underground following, and some chart success. But it was their '89 single, "Can U Dig It?", a song referencing all the pop culture icons the band enjoyed, that told the world "Alan Moore knows the score". V for Vendetta is specifically mentioned in the second verse of the song. PWEI produced several albums before breaking up in the mid '90's.

  • Jocasta

  • Here's something obscure for you: Jocasta was a UK band in the mid '90's that, as far as I can tell, released one album that achieved mild success, and then the band faded into obscurity. I have very little information regarding the band, but I do know that their song "The Land of Do-As-You-Please" (circa 1996-1997) contained much of the dialogue, verbatim, from V's NTV braodcast in Book Two of the novel.

    I once had the MP3 of the song--which was lost when my office computer crashed back in 2001--and I felt it was rather well done. To my knowledge, Jocasta's records have long been out of print.

  • V for Vendetta (V4V)

  • A two-woman band from Providence, Rhode Island, V4V's music is mostly math rock with influences from progressive and modern rock. V4V released their first full-length album Behind this Mask, Another Mask in 2001. I had the opportunity to see them perform in New York City in 2003 and confirmed they took their name from the novel.

  • Vicious Cabaert

  • Vicious Cabaret came together in the spring of 2003 in the UK. Inspired by the play Cabaret as much as as Vendetta, Vicious Cabaret currently tours England and is working on releasing their first EP, GOTZEN-DAMMERUNG.

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