Anarchy must embrace the din of bombs and cannon-fire, yet always must it love sweet music more ... Understanding music, we may hear the music that there is in life, from its first insufficient trills unto its closing minor chords. --V

It should come as no surprise that music plays an important part of V for Vendetta, but it took me years to realize just how prominent a role it played within the story. This section spotlights the music of Vendetta--the kind found within the text and kind that was inspired by it.

This section owes a debt to many people who, over the years, have informed me about much of the information presented here. To Bryan Dollery, who first alerted me to David J's recording of "This Vicious Cabaret", and to Jana Wright, Allison Freebairn, Paul Misson, David Lynch, and Jon Lashomb--I am most thankful for all your help and information. Lastly, but certainly not least, this section is dedicated to Andrew Holland who, in 1999, went above and beyond the call of duty and gave me a copy of David J's "Vicious Cabaret"; Andy, I am forever in your debt.

Due space considerations, this virtual soundtrack is dived into two parts. The first lists all the music found within V for Vendetta, and the second lists the music created because of it. You can choose which section to view based on the links below.

Music found in V for Vendetta Music inspired by V for Vendetta

The "Found" section includes information about the song, where it appears and how it relates to V for Vendetta, as well as a few relevant links if you're looking for more information. The "Inspired by" sections lists songs and musicians influenced by the book, and some background information on them as well.