David Herrle first contacted me back in February of 2000. David initially contacted me to send me his thoughts on my "V versus Rorschach" essay, but as the discussion unfolded, our topics went beyond V for Vendetta and Watchmen, touching on then-current politics and society. It was a sprawling, invigorating discussion lasting many months and many, many e-mails.

For the sake of brevity, I have included only the correspondence's that focus on V for Vendetta. The links below lead to the e-mail that was sent on that day, and the name attributed to the date is the person who sent the e-mail. At the end of each e-mail you will have the option to move forward or backwards in the correspondence, or return to this page.

I would also like to mention that David also maintains his own website, SubtleTea.com, which is dedicated to showcasing artists from all mediums. Please visit and see what it has to offer.