Tuesday, February 21, 2006

V for Vendetta on Yahoo! Buzz Log

If any of you frequent the Yahoo! portal, you may have noticed that Yahoo! picked out V for Vendetta as part of it's Buzz Log. It appeared towards the middle of the main page and it led to a small article noticing the increase in Vendetta related traffic of late:

Searches on the film rose 230%, thanks to an inspired trailer and new photos hitting the Web. Star Natalie Portman jumped 448%, and searches on the unrecognizable Hugo Weaving surged 1,041%.

Presumably, these stats reflect search results for Yahoo! and not search engines in total. Still, not too shabby.

Yahoo!'s eggregious omission of mentioning the -.094% increase in traffic to my own Vendetta website was at first insulting, but obviously I can see why Yahoo! wouldn't want to anger Warner Brothers by calling attention to my visually and contentually (sic) superior web site. I forgive them, of course.

Hey, I'm posting links to your ShadowGalaxy site on IMDB all the time. It's an invaluable resource, as is this Movie Blog.--CJ29
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