As unbelievable as this may sound, there has been a staged production of V for Vendetta. As reported on The Alan Moore Fan Site, a Swedish production company called Stockholms Blodbad staged a multi-media performance of the novel. The production used a mix of live performance, video, and music, under the title of "Landet där man gör som man vill", which is Swedish for "The-Land-of-Do-As-You-Please."

Blodbad premiered the show on December 7, 2000. I am not sure how long the production ran, or how it was received. According to their website (linked below), the soundtrack to Blodbad's production was written and arranged by Andreas Alfredsson. Blodbad hoped to release the full score on CD, but I am unaware if this happened. The main theme to "The-Land-of-Do-As-You-Please" can be found on Blodbad's website. The site also contains pictures from the performance. However, the website is in Swedish, and when I attempted to contact Blodbad in early 2001 about this show, I never received a reply.

Fortunately, a fellow Vendetta fan Mathias Lindgren has gone above and beyond the call of duty and kindly provided an English translation of the Blodbad's site. You can get to it from the link below. He includes both the original Swedish version and the English translation. My most humble thanks to Mathias for translating the site for me. I am eternally in his debt.

If anyone has any information regarding this performance, please contact me at

  • Stockholms Blodbad This is the official website for the acting group. The main site lists the current production, but you can click here to find the section on Landet där man gör som man vill.
  • Mathias Lindgren Here is Mathias's English translation of Blodbad's site. It includes the original Swedish, and also links directly to Blodbad's site.