Though I am proud of the amount of analysis my site has regarding V for Vendetta, it is not the only place where you can find information about the novel. Below are some of the websites I have come across that discuss V for Vendetta.

If you know of a website that is not listed here, feel free to send me the URL so I can add it. You can contact me at

  • V for Vendetta Annotations As far as I know, Madelyn Boudreaux's annotations were the earliest notes on the 'Net regarding V for Vendetta. It was originally housed at David Wald's website, but the link above is to the most updated version of the annotations found at

  • V for Vendetta: Myth Wrestling Its Messages This insightful essay puts the story's varied meanings and philosophies into modern individual and social contexts.

  • The Alternative Present in "V For Vendetta" A wonderful essay by Simon Guerrier examines the story in a wide array of contexts--as a work of fiction, as a political tract, and as a reflection of society. Well worth reading.

  • V for Verbal Violence This essay, by Johnathan Mills, examines the relationship between language and imagery found in the comic.

  • Alan Moore's thoughts on Vendetta In October, 2000 Alan Moore gave an extensive interview with Blather, an online magazine. This link leads you to where Alan discusses V for Vendetta However, the interview covers far greater ground than just this comic, and you can read the interview in its entirety starting here.

  • L for Lloyd Vendetta co-creator and artist David Lloyd has his own web site, newly launched. The focus is on his latest work, Kickback, but will soon include info on Vendetta as well.

  • V for Vendetta - Your Views This chat board for Vendetta fans just opened up; vox populi can be heard at last.

  • Comics Get Serious This review of V for Vendetta is rather critical of the story. Though I disagree with it's conclusions, I think it's worth reading an opposing viewpoint.

  • Beek's Books A slightly more favorable review, with information on ordering the trade paperback online.

  • Robotfist's Comics Revisit This pop culture website offers another review about the comic.

  • The Alan Moore Fan Site the best place to get the latest word on Alan Moore. Updated far more often than this site.

  • The Comic Book Defense Legal Fund We may not live in a completely fascist society just yet, but that hasn't stoppped plenty of people from trying to tell you what you can and can't read. The CBDLF is the only organization solely dedicated to protecting the First Amendment rights of the comicbook industry. Join it if you can.