Run to light from shadow, sun gives me no rest.
Promise offered in the east broken in the west.
Chase the sun around the world, I want to look at life--
In the available light

Rush, "Available Light"

Welcome to Available Light. This website will act as a showcase for the various forms of photography I've taken since buying my first digital camera in January of 2002.

This site is strictly for fun and experimentation. I've always been fascinated by the depth and meaning pictures can have and so this site will provide the impetus to discover for myself what causes a picture to evoke a certain reaction, what the interplay between photographer, subject, and audience is like and how each thing affects the other.

I've had no training or background in the art of photography and am very much making it up as a go along. But I think it is that amateur spirit that makes this so exciting and new.

This site is divided into three parts. The first part, Directed Light features photos taken specifically for aesthetic value. It may be a landscape, or a series of purposely set-up shots. To get a bit pretentious, this section is for photographs as art.

The second section, Digital Light houses any pictures that have been heavily altered or composed using photo-manipulation programs, specifically Adobe Photoshop and an wide array of filters.

The third section, Natural Light, will act as my personal photo album. Here will contain pictures I've taken of friends and families at various times and activities of our lives.

There will be no regular updates but the creation of this site alone means I will be adding to it often. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me at Have a look around; I hope you enjoy what you see.